Wash/Cut/Blo-Out: Begins with a brief consultation, hair wash and scalp massage, followed by an individualized cut and style by one of our expert hair architects. Utilizes the latest techniques and tools (such as high-powered hair dryers, specialized brushes, professional styling tools) to achieve a finished look and polish to your appearance.

Up-Do: An “up-do” involves styling the hair away from the face and neck using carefully (and creatively) placed tools, pins, clips, bands, etc. These styles are often the preferred style for special events, black tie functions, weddings, parties, celebrations, proms and formal functions. Types of up-dos include various styles of buns, contemporary braids, creative twists, romantic loose-pinned waves, slick back-pulls, ponytails or a mixture of the above.

How is a bridal up-do different than other up-dos?
Our trained artists will work closely with you (and/or your wedding party) to construct a unique “bridal up-do” style to complement or frame your individual features, aligned with your wedding theme or motif, incorporating the appropriate texture, movement and intricate adornments (tiaras, flowers, beads, bows, etc.) in the design of elegant and imaginative hair styling creations.