Tina/Master Colorist

I feel I was made for this industry. I absolutely love all things beauty and glam. My interest first sparked as a child with Barbies & dolls. All through high school I was interested in hair, makeup, and fashion. I joined Pivot Point Academy in 2008 and started at Pascal pour Elle in 2009. My journey in the world of hair color began and has been one of growth and continuous learning. I like to stay updated with the latest trends, techniques and products, ensuring that I can offer my clients the best possible experience. My creativity and ability to transform hair through color have earned me a reputation as a sought-after stylist in my community. My commitment to my craft and my clients in unwavering, making me a true professional and a source of inspiration for fellow hairstylists. I love working at Pascals and feel like it is my second home. I feel my coworkers are family and clients have become friends. It is a fun, loving and welcoming environment. I am so grateful.