Renee/Master Stylist


I have been with Pascal since the start of my career thirty years ago. My passion for doing hair and my love of being creative has kept my ambition in the industry strong. I have always had an interest in the hair business growing up surrounded by a family full of hairstylists. I am driven by the desire to make people feel good and confident about themselves, there are so many rewarding aspects to this profession. Throughout my career, I've done several makeover shows alongside Pascal, and I've also been recognized in Chicago magazine for my creative cutting techniques. As well as cutting and styling, I also specialize in Keratin treatments. Furthermore, I am very fortunate that I have built a very loyal clientele and continue to grow in the industry. There is always constant education at Pascals which keeps us all very motivated for always keeping up with the latest trends. It has always been my intention to focus on the needs and wants of my clients, while still putting my input and professional opinion. I believe the results of my work gives my clients not only the trust and willingness to explore new ideas, but also allowing them to feel as comfortable as possible.