Katie/Master Stylist

I started my journey doing hair in 2004 when I began cosmetology school at Pivot Point International. During that time I also worked at a skin care studio as a consultant and makeup artist. After I graduated cosmetology school, I continued my journey with more schooling to expand my knowledge and learn more skills. I also had the amazing opportunity to go to Italy and take classes in Milan. I graduated in 2006 and obtained my second license for hair. I still wanted more training, more knowledge, so I set my sights on a salon that had a training program. After a lengthy interview process, In February of 2007 I began my career at the salon of my dreams, Pascal pour Elle, and have been here every since. I quickly worked my way through the assistant apprenticeship program and earned the title I strived for, Stylist, in November of that year. I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2005, a licensed barber since 2006 and currently specialize in Keratin Complex Treatments to smooth and defrizz hair. My goal is to make my clients feel comfortable and beautiful. The best part of my day is finishing a clients hair, turning the chair towards the mirror, and seeing a big smile on their face...my goal accomplished. Great hair doesn't have to be complicated,find the beauty in simplicity.