Geraldine/Master Stylist


 My Name is Geraldine Jozwik. I am a licensed cosmetologist for 33 years .I mainly focus on the art of haircutting and hairstyling . I have in the past eight years done Avent Garde hairstyles and Editorial hairstyles with makeup artists and local photographers . Sometimes what we do for fun ends up in magazines like iMirage and DyeMag and Chicago Bride . I also do hair updos for weddings and special events. I also specialize in Calligraphy Cuts .My passion for hair and styling started at a young age when I would read fashion magazines. I value the clients and  love sharing milestones in their life with them . Such as the baby’s first haircuts to their kids going off to college, and then sometimes back home for their weddings. Those moments and milestones shared with them are special . When I’m not doing hair I love to watch others doing hair , and going to hair shows ,and looking at fashion magazines .What I treasure most is my family . I enjoy being with my husband and daughter. We love spending time together , riding our bikes , walking and going on fun trips together and especially eating together at home or at our favorite restaurants.