Pascal - What I have learned

Spring tries a comeback

With another rough Chicago winter slowly making its exit, and Chicagoans more than ready to come out of hibernation, spring is in the hair! And with all the recent attention on the Oscars and Grammys, it’s easy to be swept away by a certain look that captured your attention as celebrities made their way down the red carpet. But is that shorter, longer, straight or wavy hair, that color or highlight, that unique eye or facial makeup, those eyeglass frames…you name it…a look that’s right for you?

That is the question!  Hair style trends in particular tend to be set by Hollywood, yet many who emulate the latest “cover shot” may not be doing themselves a great service. For example, does the thickness of your hair or the shape of your face lend itself to that particular People magazine cut? What about the color you’re considering as it relates to your natural skin tone? And while most of us like the idea of less grooming time when the weather warms up and we want to be more active outdoors, does that mean short hair in the spring works for everyone? This is where education comes in, and the need for the salon professional team to know from extensive training, experience and listening… what will work best for you.

When you look for a salon, ask yourself the following:

  • Does the salon website provide a thorough understanding of the services and products it offers? Does it introduce you to the salon’s professional team of artists and give background that helps you select the stylist and colorist that will meet your needs?
  • Can you book salon appointments online, simply and efficiently?
  • Is there a promotion for first-time clients? Is there a customer loyalty program?
  • Will the salon confirm appointments in the manner that works best for you…email, text or phone?
  • Are you confident that the salon professionals are licensed and trained?

Our new We Are ad campaign for 2015 introduces you to the stylists, colorists and technicians at Pascal pour Elle who are among the most well-educated and highly trained salon staff in the country. Education is the key to not only delivering the perfect coif, but understanding what look will enhance your natural beauty. I may be the captain of the ship, but we could not be recognized among the nation’s leading salons in 2015 by Salon Today 200 without our extremely talented and continually educated professional team. ​

Remember – Whatever salon you choose, it’s about you and your hair!