Pascal - What I have learned

Plan in advance for that pre-wedding salon experience!

Too often, this is the last thing brides will consider in advance, which often leads to scrambling a day or two before the wedding. This unnecessary stress can be easily avoided if salon and spa plans, schedules and bookings are part of the longer-term planning agenda. Don’t forget, this is all about your wedding day.

In my experience as a salon owner, I have worked with thousands of brides and their families and bridal parties, helping them look and feel their best for the big day. The salon visit for you and your bridal team is the perfect opportunity to create the right mood and set the stage for the memorable weekend to follow. At Pascal pour Elle, this might include champagne, caviar, limo pick-up, and all the VIP touches to reflect that once-in-a-lifetime experience!

So to help with the “beauty down the aisle” on that most special day when all eyes are on you…I’ve put together a checklist of some of the things to be considered and managed in advance that will bring out the most beautiful you.

  1. Plan ahead!
    Select a salon and spa that is of the highest quality and reputation, with a team of licensed professionals that can deliver under one roof all of your party’s beauty and grooming needs – from head to toe. Consult with the salon owner and/or manager to ensure your comfort level with his or her approach and how you and your guests will be cared for. Book the date/s for everything, if possible months in advance but at least one month out, to avoid any scheduling hassles. Lock in the date and times with your family and bridal party.
  2. Determine your bridal look in advance!
    Once you’ve booked the salon/spa, now the fun begins. You get to work with your salon consultant and/or stylist in advance to determine the look you want – for you and your bridal party. You may already know, or you may want to look through beauty and wedding publications or scour the internet to find what you desire. Use your salon professional and his or her experience to bounce ideas off of so that the final decision is right for you.
  3. Fingers and toes are obvious, but don’t forget the skin!
    There is without question a “natural glow” of happiness on a bride’s face when her wedding day arrives. But you can also help enhance that glow with a series of facials leading up to the big day, perhaps starting as early as six months before the wedding. To ensure picture perfect-looking skin on your wedding day, the last pre-nuptial facial should take place no later than two weeks before the big day.

Yes, it’s all in the planning. If you treat the salon experience with the same advance attention to detail as every other aspect of your wedding day, then you and your party will feel great, look great, and enjoy the pampering along the way.