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When the sun finally gets here, will your hair and skin thrive?

We’ve all endured another painful winter in Chicago, but summer fashions in store windows lets us know that fun in the sun will soon be a reality. For Dr. Andrew Scheman, a leading Northbrook dermatologist and author of Consumer Report’s Cosmetic Buying Guide, now is the time to prepare for optimal summer care for your hair and skin. Following are his recommendations that will help protect and enhance your hair and skin beauty.

To make your summer fashions really glow, you need to have fabulous hair.  Colored hair needs protection from the sun.  Leading hair salons, such as Pascal Pour Elle, can provide exclusive hair products which contain UV filters to protect your hair and prevent hair color from fading.  If your hair is frizzy, consider one of their keratin straightening procedures.  Top salons will do this procedure with proper ventilation to ensure a safe environment for you and your professional hair team, as well as a fabulous outcome.

It is also important to have healthy and great-looking skin. Optimal protection from the sun requires both a quality sunblock and an antioxidant to prevent damage caused by visible light.  Top cosmetic dermatology practices will usually carry high quality daily moisturizers with physical sunblock to provide full day, full spectrum sun protection. In addition, I designed and manufacture an elegant daily antioxidant serum which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  For outdoor sun protection, consider Neutrogena products which have a patented, stabilized sunblock that provides full-day, full-spectrum water resistant sun protection.  Reapplication is probably not necessary except after swimming and activities which cause intense perspiration.

If your skin is already damaged, consider laser treatment for sun-derived “age” spots.  Lasers have evolved and today’s treatments are relatively painless, effective and typically do not cause any downtime.  Laser light travels harmlessly through the surface of the skin and is then absorbed by brown pigment deeper in the skin.  The pigment particles are fragmented and then carried away by the body.  Depending on the darkness of these spots, it is sometimes necessary to have multiple treatments for complete spot elimination.

Summer fashions are now available and it is time to take steps to make your hair and skin equally elegant.  Topping your look off with beautiful and healthy hair and skin will give you the complete package and ensure you look fabulous all summer.

Next month:  Hair thinning…Hair loss…Can it be avoided?  

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